Addiction Recovery

jewish empowerment.jpg 
Friday Mornings 
9:15 am - 10 am

Chabad of Plantation recognizes the ever present struggle that recovering addicts face, and the 'taboo' that is often placed on addiction within the Jewish community.
For this reason, we seek to reach out to a group of people who are frequently overlooked, Jews in recovery.

Every Friday morning, from 9:15 am - 10  am, we have a meeting of “Empowerment.”
The group is free, and open to every Jew in the area regardless of affiliation or background.
The idea is to connect with other Jewish addicts and strengthen our connection with our Higher Power using the lens of Jewish spirituality and mysticism. By increasing our awareness in the “G‑d of our understanding” it will surely heighten success in carrying out the rest of the steps in the 12-step program.