How To Sell Your Chametz


Since it is prohibited to posses Chametz on Pesach, we need to sell to a non-Jew all Chametz that will not be eaten or burned before Pesach, and all Chametz utensils which will not be thoroughly cleaned by then.  These are stored away in closets or rooms while preparing for Pesach.  Now we lock or tape shut the closets or rooms, and they are leased to the non-Jew at the time of the sale.

Since there are many legal intricacies in this sale, only a competent rabbi should be entrusted with its execution.  The Rabbi acts as our agent, both to sell the Chametz to the non-Jew on the morning before Pesach starts, and to buy back the Chametz the evening after Pesach ends.

Fill out the form below for selling the Chametz and mail to:

Chabad of Plantation
10165 Cleary Blvd
Plantation , Florida 33324

Return so that it reaches us no later than Tuesday April 7, 2020 


If you are unable to do so, please continue to the bottom of the page and fill in our online form.

Certificate for Authorizing the Sale of Chametz
Please print neatly, or type, as illegible forms cannot be processed


 I (We) * ___________________________________________________________________________ hereby authorize Rabbi Menachem Posner to dispose of all Chametz that may be in my (our) possession, wherever it may be - at home, place of business, or elsewhere - in accordance with the requirements of Jewish Law as incorporated in the Special Contract for the Sale of Chametz.
Residence:  ___________________________________________________________________________

Business:    ___________________________________________________________________________


Responsibility cannot be accepted for forms received later than Tuesday April 7th.

* Husband and Wife specify names.  Must be signed by head of household.




Delegation of Power to Sell Chometz



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