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Dear Friends,
As we approach the monumental holiday of Pesach, which celebrates our liberty, freedom, and birth of our nation, it is essential that we remember those in our community who are unable to celebrate as we do.

During these pre-Passover days Chabad is distributing Shmurah Matzah and Passover food packages to needy people within our Jewish community. Many are unaware of just how challenging it is for people in our own area. Dozens of families having difficulty obtaining their holiday needs have privately turned to the shul for help, and we in an effort to assist them with their needs, turn to the community for support. 

Besides providing aid for the needy in our own community, as in previous years, we are participating in an effort to assist families in Israel as well. Our goal is to help 100 families by providing them with Seder meals. My hope is that when we all sit down to enjoy our Seder, we will know that our brothers in Israel have also been provided for.

‘Maot Chitim’ (Passover funds for the poor) is one of the most significant observances of the Passover holiday. Please open your heart and give whatever you can to participate in this special ‘Mitzvah’. Sponsorship for the seders also goes towards this fund to help those who can not afford to come. Please click on the link below to donate.
What better preparation can there be for our festival of freedom? 

In merit of your concern for others, may G‑d grant you and yours every happiness and a very joyous Passover holiday.

With gratitude and blessings, I remain,

Rabbi Menachem Posner

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