Unlock our heritage through the new CKids (Chabad Children’s Network) Hebrew School Program!  Embark on an adventure of a lifetime, exploring our history as Am Yisroel Chai! Discover our humble beginnings in Israel and the secret to our eternal strength.

Students will relive the journey of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel, from the time the Jews entered the land led by prophets and kings, until the untimely destruction of the Holy Temples. Discover the secret to our eternal survival with tools that were established to keep Judaism thriving in the Diaspora. Using educational tools such as VR, topography, theater, crafts, STEAM, and filmmaking, this experience is bound to capture the attention of each student. 

Children will have the passion and knowledge to live according to our heritage by internalizing the lessons and skills they learn.  Upon completion of this course the student will have developed methods to proudly live Jewishly and to create change in the world around them.

Areas of academic emphasis include:

  1. History of Jews in the Land of Israel
  2. Hebrew reading and vocabulary
  3. Holidays and traditions
  4. Culture and current events

This course engages children in discovering the higher purpose of everyday lifestyle, and gives them the tools to practically implement their inspiration. It is our school-wide program, offering content and activities geared towards the different age groups.

CKids Clubs

CKids Clubs are insider events that get children innovating with fun, new mediums and skill sets. Featuring the Jewish “BIG 3”: Pride, Heritage & Identity! Opened to the larger Jewish community, we invite more Jewish children to join six CKids Clubs.

JewQ Torah Competition

Children in 150+ cities worldwide put their Jewish knowledge to the ULTIMATE test. High achievers win prizes and an exciting end-of-year trip!

Tzivot Hashem

Move up the ranks with a new program celebrating the “me” and “u” in meaningful, mitzvah-filled Judaism. Monthly rallies highlight Jewish birthdays and ranks. We feature a Student of the Month from each class who is recognized for his/her positive attitude, participation and attendance.

Attendance and Tzivot Hashem Ranks are kept in the new ChabadPlus app.