Adult Education

Torah Classes

Shacharit Minyan    7:15 am                            Monday
Jewish Essentials Course
  Kabbalah Classes   8-9 pm 
A Kabbalistic look at G-D focusing on our questions about Torah, Prayer, and life. Achieve an understanding of why we do Mitzvot, what continues to empower us in these hard times, and a deeper look at your inner self.

 j0402511.jpg Shacharit Minyan    7:15 am                           Tuesday Women's Lunch 'n Learn   11:15 am - 12:15 pm
Study of the weekly Torah portion.  Explore the depth of the Parsha while learning lessons for life.  

Men's Class at Barashi   8:30 pm
 Woman's Circle  Shacharit Minyan    7:15 am                   Wednesday
Women's Class  
8:00 pm   Every Other Week
Take the time to learn about yourself, strong Jewish women of the past, your role in the modern world, upcoming Jewish Holidays and more, with this in-depth class for women. 
 Shabbat Table (small) Shacharit Minyan    7:15 am                         Thursday

Men's Halacha Class  
After Maariv   Hebrew
NEW!   A class in Hebrew about Hilchot Shabbat.